International Conference - Florence (Italy)
26-27 March 2019


The myth of Osiris is of extreme importance for our knowledge of the history of ancient Egypt. The figure of the god allows us to understand some of the fundamentals of Pharaonic civilization such as the functioning of the monarchy and the right of succession, the natural cycle of the Nile River -as Osiris symbolized his regeneration- and the belief in the possibility of a life beyond death. New exhibition in recent times on its figure as “Isis und Osiris” (Hannover 2017-2018); “Osiris. Dios de Egipto. El ser que permanece perfecto” (Barcellona 2016), “Osiris. Egypt’s sunken mysteries” (Paris 2016, London 2016, Zurich 2017 and soon Saint Louis Art Museum in Missouri 2018), witness not only the great interest on Osiris’ figure, but mainly the important role as paradigm played by this cornerstone god toward whom Pharaohs, men (Egyptian and foreign) and also gods, had measured their personal identity, moral and juridical values, both in daily and afterlife. 

In the light of the new exhibitions organized around the world and the new discoveries made (e.g. new Osiris Tomb in Sheikh Abd el-Gourna), following different analytic perspectives (e.g. personal god concept vs. cultural god concept, images of god vs. images of man), and making challenging questions (e.g. What is the nature of the relationship between Osiris and the world? Does the world existence depend upon Osiris?), it is useful to re-consider its pivotal and multifaceted function, which attracted so much interest during the millennia, rethinking Osiris at the dawn of the Third Millennium. One might re-think the conceptualization of the vast and heterogeneous body of material that bears upon what is conventionally known as ‘Osirian religion’.



International Conference

“Rethinking Osiris”

March 26-27, 2019
Florence (Italy)


Call for Papers
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we cordially invite all scholars belonging to various fields of scholarship and specialists of different historical and cultural areas to participate in the International Conference on Osiris on March 26-27, 2019 in Florence.

(Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies)


The American University in Cairo


Polo Museale della Toscana
Museo Archeologico di Firenze
Museo Egizio di Firenze

Mark Smith (University of Oxford)
"Following Osiris: New Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century"


Massimiliano Franci (CAMNES)
Salima Ikram (American University in Cairo)
Irene Morfini (CAMNES)

Presentations can cover any period of Egyptian history and focus on a wide range of topics including but not limited to:
  • Archaeology/current fieldwork (e.g. Osiris Iconography; the tomb of Osiris vs its “replica” in the private and royal tombs; Osiris places of cult)
  • Language, literature and texts (e.g. History and Form of Osiris Myth; Didactic and Narrative function of Osiris literature
  • Its History in the relationship between Theology and Literature
  • Its Role as intertextual subject
  • Evidence for the earliest attestation of the name of the god
  • Orthographies and etymology of the name of Osiris
  • The origin of the myth of Osiris: its reconstruction, the analysis of the different episodes and their functions
  • Religion and society (e.g. the belief in an Osirian afterlife; from a description of Osiris based on its myth to Osiris described by the rituals
  • Osiris outside Egypt
  • Syncretism
  • Osiris and Western Cultures

  • The scholars who wish to participate must use the form below to submit a contribution proposal containing an abstract of their paper (max 300 words) by September 30, 2018.
  • Speakers must hold a MA degree or equivalent
  • Papers must be presented in English
  • No translation services will be available
  • Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions and discussion
  • The organizing committee will select abstracts according to specific criteria such as new or original field data and innovative theoretical and methodological approaches
  • The acceptance of the contribution abstracts will be communicated only to the selected contributors by October 31, 2018
  • Abstracts of accepted papers will be published on the website by January 31, 2019

(Opens November 1st 2018)
Registration fees (must be paid after abstract acceptance and by December 31, 2018):
  • SPEAKER: 80€
  • LISTENER: 50€
  • COMPANION: 50€
The fee includes:
  • Badge (Speakers and Listeners only)
  • Conference welcome kit (Speakers only)
  • Morning and afternoon coffee breaks on March 26-27
  • Lunch on March 26-27 (Speakers only)
  • Dinner buffet on March 26 at the Archaeological Museum in Florence with a special guided tour of the Egyptian Museum
Further details
All paper authors must register if they are planning to participate to the conference.
At least one author for each paper must register and be present during the conference.
Please note that the delegate fee does not include any lunch, travel, transportation to the workshop venue, and accommodation.
The conference venue is furnished with a caffetteria with low prices and high quality food and beverages.

Presented papers will be included in the proceedings of the Conference and published in a peer-reviewed volume of the CAMNES SANEM series. Indications for the proceedings guidelines will be sent to the authors after the conference. Final contributions are due by October 30 2019.

  • Abstract submission deadline: September 30, 2018
  • Acceptance notification by: October 31, 2018
  • Registration opens: November 1, 2018
  • Registration and fee payment by: December 31, 2018
  • Publication of abstracts and final program on website by: January 31, 2019
  • Conference: March 26-27, 2019
  • Contribution for Proceedings submission deadline: October 30, 2019​

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    Conference venue

    Ex-Church of S. Jacopo - Via Faenza, 43 - Florence (Italy)

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