Notizie, foto, video e altro sulla vita quotidiana del team della missione italo-azera del Ganja Region Kurgan Archaeological Project e sui progressi di scavo

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  • Nicola Laneri (CAMNES) - direttore scientifico
  • Bakhtiyar Jalilov (ANAS) - direttore scientifico
  • Stefano Valentini (CAMNES) - direttore CAMNES, archeologo
  • Guido Guarducci (CAMNES) - direttore CAMNES, archeologo
  • Lorenzo Crescioli (CAMNES) - archeologo, rilievo e ricostruzione grafica 3D
  • Zaur Hasanov (ANAS) - storico, archeologo
  • Yilmaz Erdal (University of Hacettepe) - antropologo fisico
  • Modwene Poulmarc'h (Archéorient, CNRS) - archeo-antropologa
  • Karen Abend - restauratrice
  • Valentina D'amico (University of Hacettepe) - studente di dottorato
  • Chiara Pappalardo (University of Vienna) - studente dottorato
  • Martina Costarelli (University of Florence) - studente dottorato
  • Federico Scavo (Università di Catania) - studente magistrale
  • Alice Mendola (University of Catania) - studente triennale
  • Andrea Ricci (Kiel University) - direttore ricognizione
  • Jutta Kneisel (Kiel University) - responsabile dati e coordinatrice ricognizione
  • Lola Huseynova (ANAS) - archeologa
  • Sergio Russo (BIAA) - archeologo, illustratore
  • Vusal Gasanov (ANAS) - archeologo, antropologo

The GaRKAP has just started its second season!
This blog will continuously update on the activities of the GaRKAP that started its first season of archaeological work in western Azerbaijan June 6th 2018.
 After the arrival in Baku of the international members of the project, they moved to the city of Ganja in western Azerbaijan. Excavations of a large kurgan, to be probably dated to Kura-Araxes period (ca. 3500-3000 BCE), initiated immediately in the Goranboy region in the Uzun Rama area where numerous kurgan dated to this period as well as to the Late Bronze Age/Early iron Age have been previously recognized and excavated by the co-director of the project Bakhtiyar Jalilov of the ANES. 
In second time, the second leg of the project has started its archaeological works in the city of Ganja. This part of the project aims at excavating kurgans of the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age period located within the Heidar Aliyev Park in Ganja city that, thanks to the support of the Governor of the City (Bayram Ov) and the head of the local branch of the Academy of Science  (Fuat Aliyev) as well as the italian Ambassador (Augusto Massari) will hopefully  become an archaeological park devoted to the history of the kurgans (funerary mounds) in Azerbaijan!      


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